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The Ankh represents Eternal Life. Also known as the the Breath of Life, the Ankh is a symbol that will remind you of Mother Nature's unconditional love and her gift of sustenance. Doubling as a functional Pick you can breathe life into your hair,scalp and/or beard. Attain your balance, as the masculine and feminine energies are represented in this perfect union we call the Ankh or Qi/key of Life.

We at the same, with this Dark Matter Key Of Life™, wanted to pay homage to the dark matter that exists in the universe. This dark matter still remains a mystery and is unaccounted for by scientists. Dark matter is not in the form of stars, planets nor that which can be seen; and it also invisible to electromagnetic radiation. It is also postulated that Dark Matter is the force behind gravity. When we close our eyes we can see dark matter, and it is in this dark matter where our thoughts exist. Through deep meditation we can submerge ourselves into that all-present dark matter and let go of thoughts, and will actually become whole. The Dark Matter Key Of Life™ blends the principles of both dark matter and the Ankh into one beautiful piece of art!

100% HANDMADE. ✔️
Sealed Naturally with Bee's Wax & Olive Oil. ✔️

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